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MTK Auth Bypass Tool All Version Latest Free Download

MTK Auth Bypass Tool is a small tool for Windows computers. it is allowed users to bypass or remove userlock, FRP, Factory Reset, Format Data (user data format), Safe Format (Keep Data), Erase Frp (All Mtk), Erase Frp (Samsung), Bootloader Unlock, Bootloader Relock, Permanently Unlock. the tool is activation free you no need to activate or buy anything is a completely free and developed tool in a C# language and the performance of the tool is very fast and the user interface also very nice. for more information, you need to download and used a once this tool.

Features MTK Auth Bypass Tool:

  • Read ADB info
  • Read FastBoot Info
  • Read META info
  • Read NVRAM Meta
  • Write NVRAM Meta
  • Reset NVRAM Meta
  • Decode NVRAM Lid (Meta)
  • Use SP API
  • Soft Reset (misc) META eMMC
  • Factory Reset Meta Mode
  • Extract OFP MTK Oppo
  • Reboot AT Mode
  • Reboot MTK Factory mode
  • Disable AUTH
  • Read Preloader
  • Crash PL
  • Vivo Demo Remove
  • Reboot Meta Mode

MTK META Utility V37:

* Added more 4 simple basic features :
- Samsung Factory Reset From MTP Mode
(5 different AT commands for smartphone and tablets as well).
- Generic Android Factory Reset from Fastboot Mode.
- Generic Android FRP Wipe via Fastboot Mode (BL Unlock required).
- Generic Android FRP Bypass via ADB Mode (Setup wizard finish and launcher execute).
* Overall improvements and fixes.

MTK META Utility V36:

- Reboot Huawei Device's from normal mode (Manufacturer => PCUI & DBAdapter) to USB Upgrade mode [Dload Mode].
- Reboot Huawei Device's from Fastboot mode to USB Upgrade Mode [Dload Mode] (No need BL Unlock - required).
- Reboot Samsung Devices from normal node to Download Mode.
- Read All Samsung Devices Info In Download Mode.

MTK META Utility V35:

added =>
- Backup MD Modem Database (MDDB - for MODEM META) and AP Proinfo database (APDB- for SP SN WRITER) in META Mode.
- VIVO MediaTek Read device info only in flash mode (Preloader Only - VIVO only) to ensure if device updated to the latest security patch or not.
- Exit Fastboot mode as per someone suggested in my previous posts.
- Erase Nvram & Nvdata in fast-boot mode (BL Unlock required + Disabled AVB or Debug ROM Installed).
- H-level Improvement for FB/ADB detection (added Recursive Mutex for thread serialization between the commands).
- Read more ADB Info such as (IMEI - Sim State - Network operator - Network Type (limited)).
- Fixed crash while abort USB Device Waiter specially in preloader crash operation.
+ overall improvements and fixes .
- Small note, If you need to read MTK device IMEI's in META Mode while read info, un-tick (use META SP API).
* Regarding VIVO New security - we're very close to something,
Hopefully will be ready some time later in June, if their current boot core isn't updated , trying to enable WR access or crash Preloader as well - stay tuned : ]

MTK META Utility V34:

added create (PGPT and SGPT)
(primary-main & secondary-backup)
partition table from scatter file.
- to repartition PMT for empty MTK IC.
- if you have enough experience, you can resize userdata length with this feature.
And never - ever touch it when you don't know what's used for.
- No need to search for full eMMC dump to create patble for your device.
- The disk length will be calculated from the scatter entries.
- Normally SPFT create new partition table when device PMT erased or not match the scatter PT , but you can use this option if you use (JTAG/RAW) programming tools.

MTK META Utility V33:

- Added convert pgpt.bin & Raw eMMC Dump Bin to virtual scatter.
* you need to modify the chipset name + project ID inside the scatter in order to be able to load it into flash sw's.
- OFP Extractor Now support both (QLM & MTK) firmware extract.
- Added OFP multi super.xx.bin auto combine according to available regions from csv map.
- Added MTK DA Parser to show the list of supported chipsets inside the Download Agent file.
- Added MTK (Preloader/eMMC Boot1, UFS LU0, Bloader Info, RAw emi data) Parser to show the list of supported eMMC & UFS flash ID's inside the preloader file.
and read (eMMC/UFS id's info , type,ram,etc).
* Supported Bloader Info versions:
Next version will add :
** ONEPLUS QCOM .OPS extract.
** LG MTK KDZ extract.
** Nokia NB0 extract.
** OZIP extract.
** Samsung UNISOC Rom extract.

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V31:

- Added convert Huawei MTK ROM ( to flashable scatter firmware (GPT Type only - MT6580 and higher).
- to help unbrick dead HUAWEI MTK devices via BRom mode.
- (use it for bricked devices only).
Samsung firmware extractor is fixed now and can work with older devices like G532F,
- both (.img and .lz4) format's are supported now.
- now you can convert combination ROM to scatter and flash via BRom as well.

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V30:

- Added convert Samsung ROM (tar.md5) to scatter firmware.
- to help unbrick dead samsung MTK devices via BRom mode.
- you need to select CSC file in order to create flashable scatter.
- (use it for bricked devices only).
- The GUI organized and more clear now.
* All disabled buttons means that I have some plans for it in the future

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V26:

- added eMMC Test (Health check) via META Mode.
- added (Read, Write, Format) partitions via META Mode.
- fixed Dump eMMC EXT_CSD via META Mode.
- several fixes, including reboot option for (DAA, SBC) only secure targets.
As mentioned in previous posts, some vendors did not enable or blocked the META Driver on their kernels, for example Huawei and Samsung + (OPPO 2021 security updates).
* For other vendors it should work fine, nor model or chip set specified, seems to be a generic thing.
some of the tested brands (Vivo, Xiaomi, Alcatel, LG, Tecno, Infinix, Huawei devices with Android 6 and lower, and more).
- Thanks to MetaCore library.
* Due to plain undocumented dll calls there is no progress bar will be available while reading the partitions from the device.
* Maximum format length is 0xBEBC200 if your given partition data is larger than 200 MB,
software will replace only the beginning of partition with 0xBEBC200 length.
* Meta mode doesn't allow to read and write all partitions (limited).
* Don't use long directories (path's).
this will be the last version of this software maybe will share a copy of the source code soon.
all of the tool features explained in the previous posts and i see a lot of youtube videos available to explain the tool options and how to use it, search for MTK Auth Bypass Tool.
the mtk exploit bypass payloads credits to @viperbjk.
I've never been tired ​of sharing knowledge and help people who wants to learn more about this field.
thanks for the support.

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V25:

- Fixed Nvram Reset/Wipe By META Mode (Full replacement to FF).
- Added Android super Image Extractor (extract sub-partitions from super (system - vendor - etc).
- VIVO V23 5G Demo Remove by META Mode - and all VIVO Devices with Dimensity 920 5G chipset, Android 12, Funtouch 12.
Note : connect device in preloader mode without pressing any button and click(Vivo Demo Remove MT6877T) then wipe the device from recovery mode.
* when it will be patched
- Added Reboot Preloader to Fastboot Mode.
- Phase out - VMP packing to avoid false

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V24:

- Added backup protected/sensitive regions in META Mode,
using the CCCI driver.
- The meta backup is unconditional can work with old chipsets like MT6572 to MT6877T - see meta_init.rc - except for Fused devices.
- Highly recommended to use preloader mode to skip the security check and for faster boot up process.
Backup list includes (if exists):
- nvram
- nvdata
- nvcfg
- protect1
- protect2
- protect_f
- protect_s
- proinfo
- nvram
- seccfg
- oppo_custom
- opporeserve2
- misc
- persist
- md1img
- Added extra factory reset method.

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V23:

* Read eMMC Dump in META MODE.
- dump MTK eMMC userpart - mmcblk0 in META Mode.
- dump MTK UFS SDC in META Mode (sda - sdb - sdaxx)- possible to backup but not implanted yet in my SW.
* voulmes/blocks will be copied directly from
* dev/block/mmcblk0.
* dev/block/sdc.
Note : in meta mode all voulmes will mounted as defualt in normal boot as
- Android Linux kernel.
so you can copy what ever you want voulme/file/block.
for example you can copy :
meansits similar to adb shell ls in root mode.
this maybe will be helpful for devices which not allow to enter BRom mode
and FAT/MODEM driver is much faster to copy blocks from device.
no fake options and not working buttons.
+ i hope Mediatek pacth this ASAP.

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V20:

added :
- Reboot MTK devices to Factory mode.
- Reboot MTK devices to AT mode.
- Fixed META API (MD) connection issues.

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V18:

Added :
- Huawei FRL-L22 (Y9A) switch to brom mode with signle click without file (switch from upgrade mode to brom for flash mode operation without test point).
* after switch you can use any tool (sigma , cm2) for huawei ID and other operations , after finish the desired operation flash preloader file to get the device working again.
currently it's working only under 123 ver , will update later for latest versions like 167 - 170.
- merged and fixed mtk ofp multi-super region extractor (auto rename preloader and scatter).
- added disable payjoy app via ADB.
- Meta mode options updated to support LG and HMD devices.

Supported MTK Chipstes for Meta Mode Oprations:

* MT6572
* MT6580
* MT6582
* MT6592
* MT6595
* MT6735
* MT6737
* MT6739
* MT6753
* MT6755
* MT6750
* MT6750M
* MT6750T
* MT6750S
* MT6757
* MT6761
* MT6762
* MT3369
* MT8766B
* MT6763
* MT6765
* MT6768
* MT6771
* MT6779
* MT6785
* MT6795
* MT6797
* MT8127
* MT8163
* MT8516
* MT8173
* MT8695
* MT6873
* MT6799
* MT8590
* MT6781
* MT6768
* MT6883
* MT6885
* MT6889
* MT6833
* MT6853
* MT6853V
* MT6873
* MT6891Z
* MT6893
* MT8765WB
* MT8385
* MT8183
* MT8666

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V17:

- added dump eMMC EXT_CSD in MetaMode and parse! registers.
in case if eMMC Info found in /proc/bootdevice mnt.
- Reset/Wipe Nvram for some devices in MetaMode (reset both imei's to FFFF).
- this is actually some kind of re-implantation or fix for tool i made last year for ext_csd dump now fixed to work with secure devices.
highly recommend to use SP Api for non-reentrant version of META calls (AP/SP - with USB).
- fixed reboot from preloader mode to meta mode (useful for fused LG and Nokia and some devices which can't enter brom mode without test point (MT6771, MT6763, MT6762G)
- fixed remove temp/un-used dirs.
Phase out :
- Vivo Demo Remove (due to stability and boot mode set API's)
please use previous versions for this feature.
Note : currently you need to re-start!! the software after each meta operation in case if you didn't tick use SP Api - will be fixed later.
Metacore api modem funcs modifications by zishuo.
hoping this will be helpful for gsm technicians.

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V16:

- added backup and restore nvram in META_MODE.
- fixed meta mode reboot and read all (Extra Build Prop Info).
& to restore nvram just select folder (.map and .dat folder).
* only one standalone exe - no extra files needed with METACore statically linked.
note : meta mode nvram format is (.map and .dat) not like the ordinary nvarm and nvadta, but it conatins the imei and network data and all white list nvram s LID's (SML, IMEI, LOCK_DTATA).
and take care for signed nvram can't use with different devices.
due to some weird META_MODEM_API issues you can't perform 2 operations at the same session need to restart the tool after every meta operation.

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V15:

Build 15.0.0000:03:01:2022.

New Fearures:

* added Read MTK Device Info in meta mode (No dll ;)).
* merged ADB and Fastboot Info tool.
* added getvar all command to capture the fastboot info for all vendors.
Supported operations:
- Disable brom security.
- Crash preloader (support samsung + lg).
- Dump preloader.
- Reset VIVO Demo test Mode.
- Reboot META MODE.
- Read ADB Info.
- Read Fastboot Info.
- Read MTK MetaMode Info.
** for meta read info operation please connect device in brom mode using volume up + down buttons.
Note : some vendor disabled meta mode entering. and changed with the currently known WatchDog address so meta mode entering won't work with all MTK devices.

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V13:

After reboot with auth bypass tool. if you used MODEM META Tool. you need to select the new comport number manually, steps: select Platform Type - More - DUT in meta mode - select USB/UART and new meta mode port number, optmized added auth bypass (SLA/DAA) + dump preloader support for all knwon mtk chipsets.
Added Reboot META mode from BRom (support SLA enabled devices).
Fixed support for (MT8173 - MT8695).

Supported Operations:

  • Disable brom security.
  • Crash preloader (support samsung + lg).
  • Dump preloader.
  • Reset VIVO Demo test Mode.
  • Reboot META MODE.

Supported Chipsets:

MT6781, MT6768, MT6883, MT6885, MT6889, MT6833, MT6853, MT6853V, MT6873, MT6891Z, MT6893, MT8765WB, MT8385, MT8183, MT8666, MT6572, MT6580, MT6582, MT6592, MT6595, MT6735, MT6737, MT6739, MT6753, MT6755, MT6750, MT6750M, MT6750T, MT6750S, MT6757, MT6761, MT6762, MT3369, MT8766B, MT6763, MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6779, MT6785, MT6795, MT6797, MT8127, MT8163, MT8516, MT8173, MT8695, MT6873, MT6799, MT8590.

MTK Bypass Auth Tool V12:

After reboot with auth bypass tool. if you used MODEM META Tool. you need to select the new comport number manually, steps: select Platform Type - More - DUT in meta mode - select USB/UART and new meta mode port number, optmized added auth bypass (SLA/DAA) + dump preloader support for all knwon mtk chipsets.<div>Added Reboot META mode from BRom (support SLA enabled devices).

Added auth bypass SLA/DAA + dump preloader support for: 

  • MT6781 MediaTek Helio G96.
  • MT6768 2021 MediaTek Helio G88.
exploit by Chaosmaster, bypass payload by Bjoern Kerle
Thanks to Hary Sulteng for providing the test devices

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V11:

  • Optimized auth bypass for dimensity chipsets (LC).
  • Added auth bypass for chinese tablests/routers.
  • Phased out non mobile phones/tablets/routers chipsets.
  • Improved preloader crash operation for Samsung/LG devices.
  • MT8590, MT7683, MT8521, MT7623, MT8172, MT8167, MT8516, MT8362
currently expected chipsets to be supported for Smartphones, Tablets.

MT6580, MT6579S, MT6580M, MT8311, MT8321, MT8321M, MT6735, MT6735M, MT6735P, MT6753, MT6753T, MT6737T, MT6737M, MT6737, MT6737H", MT8735, MT8735M, MT8735P, MT8783, MT8783T, MT8161A, MT8161B, MT8161P, MT8735T, MT8735A, MT8735B, MT8735D, MT8161AA, MT8161AB, MT6739CW-ENG2, MT6739-ENG, MT6739WW-ENG1, MT6739WA-ENG3, MT6739WM-ENG5, MT6739WA, MT6739WW, MT6739CH, MT6739CW, MT6739WM, MT8765-ENG, MT8765-ENG1, MT8765WB,MT8765WA, MT8765CA, MT6731, MT6731-ENG1,MT6755, MT6755V/CM, MT6755V/C, MT6755V/BM, MT6755V/B, MT6755V/WM, MT6755V/W, MT6755V/VM, MT6755V/V, MT6755V/CT, MT6755V/BT, MT6755V/WT, MT6755V/VT, MT6750V/CT, MT6750V/C, MT6738V/C, MT6750V/WT, MT6750V/W, MT6738V/CT, MT6738V/W, MT6738V/WT, MT6755V/CS, MT6755V/WS, MT6750V/CS, MT6750V/WS, MT6750V/CN, MT6750V/WN, MT6757, MT6757C, MT6757W, MT6757V, MT6757CH, MT6757WH, MT6757VH, MT6757CD, MT6757WD, MT6757VD, MT6757CL, MT6757WL, MT6757VL, MT6757T, MT6757M", MT6761V/WAB, MT6761V/CAB, MT6761V/WBB, MT6761V/CBB, MT8766A, MT8766B, MT8166B, MT8766D, MT6761V/WD, MT6761V/CD, MT6761V/WE, MT6761V/CE, MT6763T /* i-p */m, MT6763V/B, MT6763V/V, MT6763V/CT, MT6763V/WT, MT6762V/CN, MT6762V/CM, MT8768CB, MT6762M, MT6762V/WN, MT6762V/WM, MT8768WB, MT6762V/CB, MT8768CE, MT6762V/CA, MT8768CA, MT6762, MT6762V/WB, MT8768WE, MT6762V/WA, MT8768WA, MT6762V/CR, MT8768CD, MT6762V/CS, MT6762R, MT6762V/WR, MT8768WD, MT6762V/WS, MT6762V/CD, MT6762V/WD, MT6762D, MT6765V/CB, MT6765V/CA, MT8768CT, MT6765V/WB, MT6765V/WA, MT8768WT, MT6765, MT6765T, MT6762G, MT6765G, MT6768V/WA, MT6768V/CA, MT6768V/WB, MT6768V/CB, MT6767V/WA, MT6767V/CA, MT6767V/WB, MT6767V/CB, MT6769V/WA, MT6769V/CA, MT6769V/WB, MT6769V/CB, MT6769V/WT, MT6769V/CT, MT6769V/WU, MT6769V/CU, MT6769V/WZ, MT6769V/CZ, MT6769V/WY, MT6769V/CY, MT6771V/C(ENG), MT6771V/C, MT6771V/W, MT8183, MT6771V/CM, MT6771V/WM, MT6771V/CT, MT6771V/WT, MT8788, MT6771V/CL, MT6771V/WL, MT6779V/WU, MT6779V/CU, MT6779V/WY, MT6779V/CY, MT6779V/WB, MT6779V/CB, MT6779V/WE, MT6779V/CE, MT6779V/WV, MT6779V/CV, MT6779V/WZ, MT6779V/CZ, MT6779V/WC, MT6779V/CC, MT6779V/WF, MT6779V/CF, MT6779V/CD, MT6779V/WD, MT6783V/CU, MT6783V/WU, MT6783V/CB, MT6783V/WB, MT6785V/CU, MT6785V/WU, MT6785V/CB, MT6785V/WB, MT6785V/CV, MT6785V/WV, MT6785V/CC, MT6785V/WC

Some chipset's maybe not actually exists, Manufactured by Mediatek but for limited/internal/private use, others => default : MT6877, MT6883, MT6885, MT6889, MT6833, MT6853, MT6853V, MT6873, MT6891Z, MT6893, MT8765WB, MT8385, MT8183, MT8666, MT6572, MT6580, MT6582, MT6592, MT6595, MT6735, MT6737, MT6739, MT6753, MT6755, MT6750, MT6750M, MT6750T, MT6750S, MT6757, MT6761, MT6762, MT3369, MT8766B, MT6763, MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6779, MT6785, MT6795, MT6797, MT8127, MT8163, MT8516, MT8173, MT8695, MT6873, MT6799, MT8590

MTK Bypass Auth Tool V10:

Finally the list of all mtk chipsets now supported added auth bypass support for
  • MT6877 MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6877V/ZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6877V/NZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6877V/TZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6877V/TNZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6883 (Dimensity 800)
  • MT6883V/ZA (Dimensity 800)
  • MT6883Z (Dimensity 1000C)
  • MT6885 (Dimensity 1000L)
  • MT6885Z (Dimensity 1000L)
  • MT6889 (Dimensity 1000)
  • MT6889Z (Dimensity 1000+)
  • MT6890 (T750 5G-integrated SoC)
  • MT6880 (Milestone Silver)

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V7:

  • MT6873 MediaTek (Dimensity 800 5G)
  • MT6873V/ZA MediaTek (Dimensity 800 5G)
  • MT8765WB tablets (ARMv8 (64-bit).
  • added vivo demo remove for latest vivo devices.
  • added lg preloader crash support.
  • added preloader cash only option without disable auth -> to be able to use other tools which require usb hotplug callbacks.

Phased out usblib and payloads and external depends, only 1 standalone exe, supported chipsets:

MT6572, MT6580, MT6582, MT6592, MT6595, MT6735, MT6737, MT6739, MT6753, MT6755, MT6750, MT6750M, MT6750T, MT6750S, MT6757, MT6761, MT6762, MT3369, MT8766B, MT6763, MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6779, MT6785, MT6795, MT6797, MT8127, MT8163, MT8516, MT8173, MT8695, MT6873, MT6799, MT8590, MT6833, MT6833V, MT6853, MT6853V, MT6853V/TNZA, MT6873, MT6873V, MT6891Z, MT6893, MT8765WB, MT8385, MT8183, MT8666.

MTK Bypass Auth Tool V6:

Update Mores Auth Bypass MTK Dimensity.
  • MTK Soc MT6891Z
  • MT6893 Dimensity 1100/1200
  • MT6833 Dimensity 700
  • MT6853 Dimensity 720/800U 5G
  • MT6765 Helio P35

How to Install MTK Auth Bypass Tool:

  1. Find the downloaded file.
  2. Extrak zip file with 7zip or Winrar.
  3. Enter the password according to the description below.
  4. Double click on the exe file to start the installation process.
  5. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  6. Run software by "Run as Administrator"

File Name: MTK Auth Bypass
File Type: Compressed/Zip [Use 7zip or Winrar To Unzip File]
File Size: 74 MB
File Password:
Virus Status: Scanned by Avast Security.

Download All Version MTK Auth Bypass Tool Latest

MTK META Utility V37
MTK META Utility V36
MTK META Utility V35
MTK META Utility V34
MTK META Utility V33
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V31
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V30
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V26
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V25
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V24
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V23
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V20
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V18
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V17
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V16
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V15
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V13
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V12
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V11
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V10
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V7
Mega Drive
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V6

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